Day 4–We did lots today!


This morning we made cards for some elderly members of St. Peter’s who can’t make it to church that often. Then we made thank you notes for all the people who helped make our week of service possible! They gave us the opportunity to work in the community and we are thankful for them!

Then we baked cookies for Sunshine Ministries! They will go to those experiencing homelessness. Baking was fun. We put sprinkles on them for 4th of July! Some people were better at rolling the cookies than others ūüėä

After that, some people left again. We tried the cookies and they were yummy. Then we got a broom and cleaned up the kitchen. Then we ate lunch and talked. After we bagged the cookies to be delivered and then we made homemade popcorn on the stove! We watched Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, to finish off our week! And now we are going to clean up and finish this post! 

We really liked cleaning yesterday a lot. It’s been a great week!!

Now we say ciao ciao,

Jillian, Cady, Bailey, Samantha, and James

(Campbell and Annie at heart) 

PS then we played Heads Up and it was awesome



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