Day 3–The Strong Survive

Buon pomeriggio,

This morning we went to The Haven of Grace, a maternity shelter, and first organized the garage. There was a paper towel mountain that Jillian climbed, and organized with Cady. Everyone else organized diapers and wipes and household stuff and there was a Christmas tree. 

But we got it done so fast that we got to organize the donation closet, which was easier than we thought! We crushed it! We love organizing things…even though all our rooms may not be organized ūüėä

We went to Crown Candy for lunch and it was amazing! We got lunch and some of us got ice cream!

Then some people had to leave early, but Samantha and Bailey and Jillian and Cady all went to the Science Center and saw a movie about mummies! It was very educational. We also made an arch and did the Tower of Hanoi!

After that we went to Schnuck’s and bought cookie supplies and candy. We are all super stoked about baking cookies tomorrow and making cards!

Ciao ciao for now,

Bailey, Samantha, Cady, and Jillian


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