Day 1–The First Day + Ice Cream (Beyond Housing)

Hi! Hello!

This morning we went to the Pagedale Community Garden for Beyond Housing to help them. We weeded, we put mulch down, and we weren’t able to replant some greens. We thinned out the greens and everyone worked together!! Ms. Faye was in charge of the garden and she was really nice to us and taught us how to do things. Adult James was there and he was English! He told us what to do and brought us water which was very kind. He said he shouldn’t have worn jeans.

After that we ate lunch in a shady area of Forest Park. We mean like trees. And then we went to the zoo! We saw seals eating, chimps, elephants, Annie dropped her water bottle into the tortoise cage, and we went to see the penguins and polar bear! He was swimming and these kids screamed every time he switched directions. 

And then we walked back to the car and drove to Mr. Wizard’s! And then we ran into Luke and now we are back at the church writing this blog post. It was a great day and everyone is so excited about tomorrow!!


Annie, Campbell, Samantha, James, Bailey, Cady, and Jillian
PS David came and we are now playing croquet in the Undercroft


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