Day 6–The King of Squirrels

This morning the white group got up early and went to Capital Area Food Bank. They store food for the government and provide food for the homeless and elderly. We had an assembly line and sorted food with Morcus. He was so nice. He was the best. And it was a giant warehouse. It was YUGE 👌

Blue group went to the Bretheren Nutrition Program at Church of the Bretheren, which makes peace a big deal. They serve lunch to homeless people. Some of us plastered the walls and scrubbed the floors while others cooked and served food. And washed dishes for a very long time. And met some cool people at lunch.

Today was our last reflection and we wrote a letter to ourselves about the way we felt the last time we saw a homeless person and set a goal for ourselves when we go home. A lot of us felt just sad in the beginning, but now we feel hopeful that there’s something we can do.

We walked to the American History Museum and that was cool, but we were all tired. Jack almost fell asleep looking at the legit Star Spangled Banner. Then we walked to the Washington Monument. And then we bought a football and ate Jimmy John’s by the monument. Billy fed a squirrel. And Nell through Chex mix in Billy’s mouth while he was in a tree, becoming the king of squirrels.

Then we walked to the WWII memorial and took a picture by Missouri. And Billy and Joe ran all the way across the reflection pool because it was empty and screamed, “Jenny!” Like Forrest Gump. And Morgan and the other girls saw a duck fall into some black goop.

Then the girls took selfies with Abe Lincoln at his memorial. And then we walked to the Vietnam memorials and Korean memorial and saw a dog etched into the wall. 

We walked past the Red Cross and the White House and Jack got yelled at by secret service for the second time. 

And now we are back. And we are driving to Maryland and going white water tubing. And then we’re going to Pittsburgh. And then we come home on Saturday!!

In honor of Matress Maximus, we end this blog. Signed,

Jack, sort of Joe, Billy, Morgan, and Jillian 

PS Here are your end of week chaperone pics

It’s been good we promise 😊


One thought on “Day 6–The King of Squirrels

  1. I am soooo proud of all of you!! It sounds like you have really been of service (not secret, but I do want to know why they yelled at Jack – twice 😳) and I do hope you will continue to carry what you did and learned back with you. There but by the grace of God go all of us. Peace, Julie B


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