Day 4–We did lots today!


This morning we made cards for some elderly members of St. Peter’s who can’t make it to church that often. Then we made thank you notes for all the people who helped make our week of service possible! They gave us the opportunity to work in the community and we are thankful for them!

Then we baked cookies for Sunshine Ministries! They will go to those experiencing homelessness. Baking was fun. We put sprinkles on them for 4th of July! Some people were better at rolling the cookies than others 😊

After that, some people left again. We tried the cookies and they were yummy. Then we got a broom and cleaned up the kitchen. Then we ate lunch and talked. After we bagged the cookies to be delivered and then we made homemade popcorn on the stove! We watched Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, to finish off our week! And now we are going to clean up and finish this post! 

We really liked cleaning yesterday a lot. It’s been a great week!!

Now we say ciao ciao,

Jillian, Cady, Bailey, Samantha, and James

(Campbell and Annie at heart) 

PS then we played Heads Up and it was awesome



Day 3–The Strong Survive

Buon pomeriggio,

This morning we went to The Haven of Grace, a maternity shelter, and first organized the garage. There was a paper towel mountain that Jillian climbed, and organized with Cady. Everyone else organized diapers and wipes and household stuff and there was a Christmas tree. 

But we got it done so fast that we got to organize the donation closet, which was easier than we thought! We crushed it! We love organizing things…even though all our rooms may not be organized 😊

We went to Crown Candy for lunch and it was amazing! We got lunch and some of us got ice cream!

Then some people had to leave early, but Samantha and Bailey and Jillian and Cady all went to the Science Center and saw a movie about mummies! It was very educational. We also made an arch and did the Tower of Hanoi!

After that we went to Schnuck’s and bought cookie supplies and candy. We are all super stoked about baking cookies tomorrow and making cards!

Ciao ciao for now,

Bailey, Samantha, Cady, and Jillian

Day 2–Garbage Pickup and Pool


This morning we met Ms. Lewis in north St. Louis and she is a gem. We picked up trash all up and down Terry and St. Louis Avenue and Hammett. We met a teacher and her granddaughter and they gave us juice for doing our work! Everyone we met was so nice and thanked us for our work. 

After we picked up trash, we went to Luke’s house to swim! We played Silence and Star in the pool (with movies and restaurants). Then we watched Girl Meets World and ate more pizza. And it took Bailey 30 minutes to get in the pool, but he still got in faster than Jillian and Cady, so props. And now we are writing the blog again. 

Tomorrow we are going to The Haven of Grace and the Science Center!

Ciao again,

Bailey, Jillian, Samantha, Annie, Cady, and Campbell (we missed you, James!)

Day 1–The First Day + Ice Cream (Beyond Housing)

Hi! Hello!

This morning we went to the Pagedale Community Garden for Beyond Housing to help them. We weeded, we put mulch down, and we weren’t able to replant some greens. We thinned out the greens and everyone worked together!! Ms. Faye was in charge of the garden and she was really nice to us and taught us how to do things. Adult James was there and he was English! He told us what to do and brought us water which was very kind. He said he shouldn’t have worn jeans.

After that we ate lunch in a shady area of Forest Park. We mean like trees. And then we went to the zoo! We saw seals eating, chimps, elephants, Annie dropped her water bottle into the tortoise cage, and we went to see the penguins and polar bear! He was swimming and these kids screamed every time he switched directions. 

And then we walked back to the car and drove to Mr. Wizard’s! And then we ran into Luke and now we are back at the church writing this blog post. It was a great day and everyone is so excited about tomorrow!!


Annie, Campbell, Samantha, James, Bailey, Cady, and Jillian
PS David came and we are now playing croquet in the Undercroft

Day 7–At last


This morning we packed up and left D.C. for Maryland and only got lost on some really windy roads once. We finally made it to River and Trail Outfitters for tubing! It was really fun and all we have to show for it is this picture of Jillian’s sunburned legs.

Not sure how this only happened to her, but we digress.

Then we drove to Pittsburgh and checked in at our very nice hotel. We had pizza for dinner, and then Annie found an awesome milkshake place!

And now, we are tucked into our comfy beds, hopefully being thankful for all we have. It’s been quite a week, and we are ready to be home tomorrow.

From all of us at heart, but in actuality,

Jillian and Annie

Day 6–The King of Squirrels

This morning the white group got up early and went to Capital Area Food Bank. They store food for the government and provide food for the homeless and elderly. We had an assembly line and sorted food with Morcus. He was so nice. He was the best. And it was a giant warehouse. It was YUGE πŸ‘Œ

Blue group went to the Bretheren Nutrition Program at Church of the Bretheren, which makes peace a big deal. They serve lunch to homeless people. Some of us plastered the walls and scrubbed the floors while others cooked and served food. And washed dishes for a very long time. And met some cool people at lunch.

Today was our last reflection and we wrote a letter to ourselves about the way we felt the last time we saw a homeless person and set a goal for ourselves when we go home. A lot of us felt just sad in the beginning, but now we feel hopeful that there’s something we can do.

We walked to the American History Museum and that was cool, but we were all tired. Jack almost fell asleep looking at the legit Star Spangled Banner. Then we walked to the Washington Monument. And then we bought a football and ate Jimmy John’s by the monument. Billy fed a squirrel. And Nell through Chex mix in Billy’s mouth while he was in a tree, becoming the king of squirrels.

Then we walked to the WWII memorial and took a picture by Missouri. And Billy and Joe ran all the way across the reflection pool because it was empty and screamed, “Jenny!” Like Forrest Gump. And Morgan and the other girls saw a duck fall into some black goop.

Then the girls took selfies with Abe Lincoln at his memorial. And then we walked to the Vietnam memorials and Korean memorial and saw a dog etched into the wall. 

We walked past the Red Cross and the White House and Jack got yelled at by secret service for the second time. 

And now we are back. And we are driving to Maryland and going white water tubing. And then we’re going to Pittsburgh. And then we come home on Saturday!!

In honor of Matress Maximus, we end this blog. Signed,

Jack, sort of Joe, Billy, Morgan, and Jillian 

PS Here are your end of week chaperone pics

It’s been good we promise 😊

Day 5–We saw Trump…maybe

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

This morning, the blue group got up really early. Joe and John were awoken from Mattress Maximus, where they slept the night before like champions. Chris moved out to get a better night’s sleep. We took a long bus ride to SOME (So Others Might Eat), and they do lots of things. They have housing, food, and healthcare, including dental and mental health services and rehab! 

We organized groceries to send to their homes around the community, and served lunch to around 250 people. Joe did dishes and John cleaned windows. Morgan and Chris served coffee and Jillian, Nell, and John, served food. It was a good day! And then we went to Starbuck’s.

The white group slept in and then went to Martha’s Outfitters, where the blue group went Monday! We sorted clothing and helped customers in the store. Bridget, Rachel, and Annie helped customers, while Billy, Jack, and Drew sorted clothes in the back. And we got some clothes!! Yay!

Then we all met back for reflection. We talked about the day’s events and discussed how easy it is for someone to become homeless. We did a simulation where we wrote down all of our possessions, and then crossed out ones we couldn’t keep of we started to experience homelessness. It was very informative. We also talked about shelters, too.

We walked to the National Archives and saw the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Magna Carta, along with some other cool documents. Then we walked to the Capitol building and it was real cool looking. There were a lot of ducks. And the reflection pool was gross. 

The guys and Jillian got BBQ and the girls and Annie and Drew went to Pi Pizza and Shake Shack. Then we walked to the White House and SAW TRUMP IN HIS MOTORCADE. We think. Nell and Jillian for sure saw him, but John and Billy remain skeptical. The girls saw snipers on top of the White House. The roads were blocked off and it was intense. Then we took jumping pictures in front of the White House, and walked back to church.

The fort got destroyed by the girls, in theory. 

Tomorrow is our last day of service!!!!!

Yours truly,

Joe, Bridget, John, Jillian, and The Donald

Day 4–Mattress MaximusΒ 


We woke up and some people ate. White group got on the bus right by the church to go to D.C. Central Kitchen, and the blue group took the metro to Food and Friends! And we took a shuttle.

The white group signed in individually and watched an orientation video. D.C. Central Kitchen makes 10,000 meals a day with food leftover from groceries stores. We cut chicken and turnips. It was warm in there. We got turned up with the turnips. And we were so busy again that we couldn’t get pictures!

Blue group had a brief orientation and split into three groups. Food and Friends gives meals to people with life threatening diseases, like HIV/AIDS and cancer. We sorted meals based on dietary restrictions. And Brandon, our supervisor, was really cool. Then they gave us crack(ers) (saltines with caramel and chocolate). Chris got a cookie.

After, we came back and made lunch and did workday evals, and then did some D.C. exploring. Some of us walked to the Verizon Center but the team store was closed. The girls went into a tiny gift shop but it was little and kind of weird. It had fidget spinners. Then we walked to Smoothie King and Souvenir City and got some SWEEEEET stuff. We came back and played salad bowl.
Then we had orientation for the evening meal we cooked for the community. Drew and Chris made salad. Bridget, Rachel, and Nell made macaroni and cheese. John and Jack made garlic bread. Morgan and Billy and Joe made chicken. Billy turned into Gordon Ramsey. 

We each took different tables. Morgan and Chris greeted and first and some people served drinks. Joe and Chris played Headbands with Michael and he was really good. Then we took their orders for dinner and ate with them. We all had great conversations with the people at our tables and definitely learned something new!

Then we had a reflection afterwards and had meaningful discussion about ways we can help out when we go home and spread homelessness awareness!

And the guys made a mattress fort. 

Tomorrow we will split up again and hopefully see some monuments and museums in the afternoon!!


Rachel, Nell, Chris, Billy, and Jillian 

PS Julie B, the guys say you are Israel  

Day 3–first work day!!

Hello parents and Julie B,

We had orientation with the ladies from YSOP and ate warm bagels. Some people made sandwiches and others chilled before we got on the bus (to go to 2 different sites).

White team went to Church of the Bretheren which had a soup kitchen. Blue team went to Martha’s Table Outfitters, which is a thrift shop that provides free clothing to clients and cheap alternatives.

Bridget and Rachel plastered some walls while Billy and Jack cut some food in the kitchen with Annie and Drew. Then we served it and had a few good conversations while washing dishes and eating. They were so busy they couldn’t take pictures. 

Nell, Chris, Joe, John, Morgan, and Jillian sorted clothes and then worked the floor of the thrift shop. Some lady asked Nell to try on a dress, and she tried Sunbutter for the first time. Morgan checked in clients and Chris took in donation and Nell, Joe, and Jillian CRUSHED IT working the floor. John also helped check people out with their items. And we talked to a guy named Harry. It was cool talking to the people coming into the store.

After the work day we came back to YSOP and had a reflection time. We did activities and learned about homelessness and poverty and unemployment statistics. Then we came up and played cards. And talked about what countries the guys would be. Billy is Russia. Drew is the Red Cross. Jillian is the UN. John is America. The girls played Uno and ate some toffee.

Then we went to the baseball game!!! On the metro. The game was hot. The girls got $10 hats and Rachel’s cousin came. Jack got a bat and Chris got a hat and Billy got peanuts that he didn’t eat and he stayed far away from Nell. The game was so long. The Braves blew 2 leads. BUT we are super grateful for Mr. Dutton buying the tickets. And a bee stayed on Jillian’s hat for like 20 minutes. And a lady with a rubber chicken glared at Jack when Matt Adams got homerun. Some president mascots also had a race.

​The guys saw a rat on the way back. “It was a FAT RAT,” said Jack. We stopped at Walgreen’s got 8 packs of tic tacs. And then we saw street performers rapping and dancing. And then we came back and did compline. And the the tic tacs got confiscated.

We are going to some other service sites tomorrow!! 


Bridget, Jack, Jillian, Rachel, and (Nell)

Canada, UK, the UN, China, and (France)

Day 2: Church and the City!

We went to Open City for breakfast. Morgan saw these people at the cafe, and then we saw them in the mammal room at the Natural History Museum. Then we went to the National Cathedral, and they announced that we were there! Woooo! And one of the readers had a cool voice and one lady could not keep a steady pace when speaking. AND THE SANCTUS AND GLORIA WERE DIFFERENT.

Chaperone selfie!

 Armando was just sitting in our house when we got back. We packed up and then went to lunch at the Reagan Center, and Morgan got gyros because no one was at the restaurant, and Chris got Chinese and talked to a stranger about Desmet, and John got lots of salad. We walked to the National Mall and took lots of pictures of the Washington monument and Capitol building (at least 27, cough cough Morgan). And then we went to the Smithsonian (Air and Space/Natural History) and Rachel bought a manatee. And we walked down a creepy hallway. 

We moved into Church of the Epiphany, and Billy tried to take control of making the salad. We made waaaaaaay too much spaghetti and the salad bowl was comically large. It was YUGE πŸ‘ŒπŸ½

The crew before dinner

And then we did compline and now we are here writing. We will shower a lot because our house last did not have air conditioning. Jack and John stole the fan from Joe, Billy, and Chris. Tomorrow we get started with YSOP!!!!!!
Gang gang,

Morgan, Chris, John, and Jillian (with small unwanted contributions from some others)
PS the chaperones saw this at the Natural History Museum and we decided this is what we will look like on Day 7